Trolls on the rise again

I’m not going to pile on here. It’s not worth the warning from RadiantBlade again. I will make the point that whilst the OP has completely blown the cordial discussion with accusations of chauvinism and claiming victim status, at least the OP hadn’t made a call for action, like we should be banning people who “troll” by rebuilding elsewhere.

The thread should be dead at this point and I’d be surprised if it doesn’t get completely nuked, but at least the thread was “I don’t like this” and not “I don’t like this and we should ban it” which is a one-step improvement over the generic dissatisfaction thread.

This is a “Discussion” thread in the AoEII:DE area:


… discussing is what occurs in this area.

OP is welcome to share their thoughts, and community members are welcome to then “reply” to said thoughts. That’s what a ‘discussion’ is all about. The thread will die when discussion wears down; not when you, personally, think its time should be up.

No need to play armchair moderator and implicitly suggest or telegraph your internal desire for the thread to get completely nuked either. If you have issues with the thread or feel it violates a guideline, flag it and let the moderators decide, as the Guidelines advise, and discuss with them. No need to publicly moderate.


Not really.

There are strats that are considered troll strats.

Walling the opponent is one of them,

Now, if he tried to hide vills in a corner, that’s a troll strat too. But if he was simply rebuilding, it’s not exactly a troll strat, albeit annoying

It only dies if it gets concluded. It hasn’t