Trouble Opening the Game

Trouble Starting the Game,
Microsoft Purchase
Ok, so when I first got the Game was threw Xbox Gamepass, did not continue with Gamepass, Bought the Digital Code From Amazon, Went and put the Code in the Microsoft Age of Emp… App Page, that worked.
Game Started right up, then started to Hang after no Issues on the Black Box with Logo then it would Disappear, wait a little bit, Open the Game again, says 2 copies can not be opened, bla bla, looked Under Process, Apps, No Age of Emp… But it is in Background Processes. End Process, Game is able to be opened again, this time Opened Fine. Be like that for a few days, then Killing in Background Processes and games Opens, But Hangs again. then Opens. Now its up to 3 Times of closing it in Background Processes before it will Run.

I tried the Reset and cleaned the Cache of the Machine like a Fix I seen online.

AMD FX8320 Over Clocked to 8350 Speeds
Sapphire RX 590 @ Stock Speeds
Windows 10 18362-535 and Game Installed On a SSD Dive
8 GB Ram
100mbps Download 10mbps Upload Hard Wired Network
Corsair cX750M PSU

This can be annoying to deal with. Seems that Xbox apps have a problem with fully unnistalling games from the computer. Try to look if there are any AoE2DE folders remaining in your partitions and delete them before downloading again.

I never Deleted the game, I did deleted the Xbox gaming app but Had to reinstall b/c the game needs it to run.

The Microsoft Store version of the game may no come from the same source as the game pass one. You’re probably causing some conflict. It’s better to unninstal the old game pass version and then download the purchased version from the Store.

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Oh will do that, thx!!!

Tried that but Xbox gamepass still had to be installed to play the game, after deleting and reinstalling Age Emp, threw the Microsoft Store. …

Have you tried to log off from game pass?