Trouble syncing to xbox live

For the first couple days I have been able to play this game no issues however about two days ago I opened the game and every time I tried to play it said please wait another moment we are not quite done yet syncing with xbox live I tried everything I could find online and even went to Microsoft support virtual agent and eventually got to chat with a live person who told me I needed to buy a gold subscription in order to play the game’s single player campaign mode I don’t have an xbox and I only play this game any help anyone can give besides paying for a subscription would be very much apperciated

You don’t need a subscription that’s for sure. Now i don’t know what’s the problem so i can’t help you more than saying you don’t have to pay that sub.

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Is this issue regarding the Steam or MS Store version of AOE DE?

its the MS store version

I would open MS store and click on ‘…’ next to your profile image and then choose ‘Download and updates’ and get updates. Today I had to manually tick the download arrow to get the latest AOE DE cross play version.

Which windows version is running on your system?

You can check this using the cortana search glass, type winver and then launch it.

windows 10 version 1803(OS Build17134.950)

I figured it out on this website

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Great job. Don’t forget to upgrade to Windows 1903 build soon, support for 1803 ends November. You’ll also need 1903 in order to install the new AOE DE cross play (with Steam) version.

Hi Guys
Sorry to drag this one back up but I am experiencing the same issue with the message of syncing to Xbox Live and have tried everything that has been posted on here with none of them solving the issue

Pretty gutted as I have only had a couple of days worth of playing out of this

Thanks in advance

If your game and system is up-to-date I would reboot my router and system and then try it again.

Do you run the Store of Steam version?

Hi there thank you for the response, I left the game as I was busy but had a try yesterday and it worked fine but I have come to it today and getting the same issue as before so now I am really confused