Trying to Make an Arena Map, but I'm having some difficulties with starting conditions

I remember really liking the arena map in AoE2, so I’m trying to replicate it here in AoE3. I made a simple star-style (square) fort around the starting TC’s, but when I try to run it I have issues where the player doesn’t start with the right explorer, and they’re missing 10 pop from the TC. Is there a way to fix this, and to allow for the player to use their own decks?

On the plus side the AI seems to handle it just fine.

Here’s some pictures. This is after a little bit of playing, it starts with just the TC and fort walls/towers.

Hi there. You’re making a scenario so you’ll have to setup triggers for the correct heroes, etc. also you’ll need to add population blocks to solve the population issue. No, players cannot use their own decks. That’s only possible with a randomly generated map.

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Thank you! That seems to be enough for me to find the help I need in old threads.

Btw I made an arena map that’s in my custom map pack. If you want to just get into playing on it. But if you want the experience of going through the editor to make a scenario then carry on!

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Thanks I’ll be sure to check it out! This was actually more of a stepping stone - my goal is to create a series of wave based defensive maps in different settings. I saw how lonely bombard brawl was and got inspired to make some other challenges, lol.

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