Trying to solving some team games and match making problems


Maybe this was introduced before, but imo I think it is the time to make team games being able to choose 1 map only to queue which means ban all the others.

Most leavings are in team games, and personally I have never faced a 1v1 problem in the matchmaking. I don’t think it will be a problem at all to make teamgames have unlimited bans in the map pool and being able to choose only 1 map to play. I personally left the queue many times because I don’t like to play some maps (like water maps or even hybrid, I even hate nomad and I ban this map forever, I also hate megarandom and only like to play Serengiti, Kalimenjaro, Arabia or Arena).

As I said before in 1v1 I never faced any problem, but in team games I think it is the time to give teamgames unlimited bans but keep the 1v1 as its.

Last note I would like to say, if giving unlimited bans is not possible then increase the bans numbers.

What do you think?