Tuning Nuclear Demo Ships

I find the wording of the note concerning. I didn’t watch the stream, so they may have used a different word. But note the word “tuning.”

Right now, we’re looking into strengthening the Abbasid Dynasty, improving counterplay vs. siege weapons, tuning demolition ships, ensuring elephants and mounted cavalry units no longer attack faster when their animation is cancelled, and a variety of other changes.

TUNING. Demo ships.

So, it’s not a bug that a demo ship has the scaled explosive radius of a tactical nuke? It was all design? I find it hard to believe.

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I don’t find the radius that much different than the explosive ship in age 2

These ships/radius really feel like the only counter to french hulks on water maps, idk about nerfing them too much.

I don’t really understand, how can they release ranked with demo ships at its current state?

Demo ships ruin this game, they need to ban water maps from online until demo ships are fixed or better, removed from game,

where is this stream?

on Twitch

Btw., only i have an impressione they doesnt know how to do public disscusion on live?