Turk Camels Buff?

When it comes to facing heavy cavalry units, which you do often or every time, obviously you want to make Camels to counter them. Turks wise, this is where we need a bit of attention here.

The Turkish trash unit department is just so sad (obviously no pikemen), and our only answer for enemy knights as Turks, which is Camels, does not have any bonus for them, unlike Saracens, Berbers, Hindustanis, and Gurjaras.

A few things I have in mind: Either they can:

  1. receive 30% less bonus damage from pikemen

  2. damage adjacent units

  3. along with Hussars, they heal gunpowder units within a f radius, which is one of the two effects from a proposed Sipahi change, the other is the current CA +20HP.

If the Turkish camels need a buff, what would you propose?

saying this is almost complaning why FU arb cant kill FU skirm

As for camel they have them FU, alongside their HCA or jan this is enough to deal with heavy cav


Being generic most of the times it’s more than enough for doing the job, not every unit needs a bonus, and this is the case.

Also, they have janissaries, which can kill knights even in castle age under the right conditions.


I think the right conditions are only an all-in castle forward in Arena vs “slow eco” civs. Out of this setting and strat, and specially in arabia, trying to counter knights with janissaries is throw away the game.

I think turks’ camels could recieve a little buff.
Maybe recieve less damage from mounted units (silimar Ethipians Royal Heris effect, for free). Becuase turks specially struggle vs good camels civs like gurjaras, Saracens, Berbers, etc.

I wild one, just raw idea dropped, what if barracks techs affects camels too?
This result in camels that cost 40 F 60 G , can run at 1.75 speed (husbandry+squires) and deal +2 vs buildings. The drawback is that you have to pay for all these besides common stable and blacksmith upgrades.