Turkish letters not displayed correctly

Version: Steam, first release

Issue: Turkish letters are not displaying correctly:

  1. On main screen, Turkish i’s are not capitalised correctly. Capitalised form of Turkish i is İ, not I.
  2. Within serif font, characters ç, ş, ğ, ı are displayed with a different font, either there is no glyph or it’s an encoding issue.

On attached screenshots 1 and 2, notice the letters İ, ğ, and ş. I am not able to distinguish from this rendering if ı is different or not, the rendering is awful.

On screenshot 3, it should be TARİHİ SAVAŞLAR, not TARIHI, the word is Tarihi. For comparison the I in SANATI is correct, since it is the capital form of ı.


Feel free to ask for further details.



Any update about this problem? It’s really annoying to see incorrect letters on the main screen of the game.