Yeah I agree, recognition for the Seljuks, one of the greatest raiding empires ever and instrumental in maintaining the Silk Road and the Turkification of strategic Anatolia, is long overdue. The unique horseman you suggested perfectly captures that dynasty.

Seljuks played a major role in the Crusades. They collapsed into smaller beyliks due to Crusader pressure, plus most Turks decided to join the Mongols and Genghis Khan (many Turks joined Genghis very early, before he was even able to unify Mongolia with Turkish help). Turkic genius conqueror Timur was a brilliant tactician, but his Empire was a short-lived phenomenon, like the Mongols. The real long-term world-changing tech advances in guns and armies were spearheaded by the Ottoman Empire (and later after Age of Empires is over, by Western Europe).


AoE4 is from 712-1664 to be more exact.

I would not call them ottomans,
I would simply call them Turks. It more encompassing.

But still the question remains, How to progress through the ages, starting off semi-nomadic into the empire we knew off.

Also Muslims don’t eat Boar. don’t forget that.

I agree that Ottoman or Turkey should be in AOE4, I’m looking forward to it myself, but it’s still annoying to have the same topic from time to time.

I believe the developers will eventually make Ottoman appear in AOE4, but not now, and not in the next six months. They should balance the original eight countries first and then add other countries, otherwise the game will only get worse.

Maybe after COH3 they’ll have enough manpower to come back and develop AOE4, who knows?

i think most likely they will alternate the manpower for the expansions between coh3 and aoe4.

I don’t think AoE4 will be ditched any time soon, its popular enough, had great sales at launch.

And I don’t think the Contract with Microsoft is any small contract either.

But COH3 is supposed to be released very soon this year, so they are most likely in a infamous dev crunch atm.

I’m not sure about that. Don’t they drink alcohol? What about raki? Thrace wine? Any Turks on the forum?

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The Ottoman Empire was from 1299 to 1923 *, almost 400 years inside AoE4 time - without considering its precursors, the Seljuk Empire and the Sultanate of Rum / Rome.

* That’s right, more than double the longevity of China’s fabled Ming and Qing empires.

Maybe, to honor Seljuks and Alp Arslan, but the Ottoman Empire is too iconic, too unique, too significant to ignore in such a game.

Plus the Empire was the first officially multicultural, multireligious, multiethnic empire in history (like British Empire, but half a millenium earlier!!!). The Empire was definitely NOT “Turks” only, so it’s a consideration for civ naming.

That’s exactly the biggest reason why the Empire / the Turks must be in AoE4:

The first hybrid nomad-settled civ in an Age of Empires game.


@Kameho3743 Looking around, you strike me as the most prolific civ designer here. Why don’t you flex your creativity and craft your personal concept for a Turks civ? This civ is enormously important in medieval / early modern history (read AoE4).

I do have the Turks in my plan, and i will come around to them.
I already have their overall gameplay design played out.

Only problem is their timeline. Starting from 1299.

Which around Castleage.(13th and 14th century)

I know Dheli sultanate start only 99years earlier. But that does land them within feudal age. (11th-12th century)

While Dark age (9th-10th century) dosnt have to much impact.

Only problem i find with the Turks is where to start them and how to make it transition well enough into the Osmans.

Because they were so different pre 12th century. Both culturally and the structure of socaiety.

Which is the reason i think why they werent included.