Turks Early Imperial Cannon Galleons

How much of a power spike will the Turks get with an early Imperial Age since they get free chemistry, so they can make Cannon Galleons right away from the very start? Both as a navy? Or as a defense weapon with a lake on a choke pointy map like black forest.

Turks deserve it in my opinion

I am not objecting. It’s a pretty nice indirect buff in some ways.

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It can be situetionally good, but overall on full water maps it’ll have little impact if you don’t take control with galleons before. Though, 1 or 2 CG in early imp might surprise your opponent, and you may be able to snipe a couple of docks.

For that you want ECG with artillery, so I don’t see any difference…

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If you’re not winning on water (and Turks only have a very small bonus (faster gold mining) to do that), it doesn’t matter at all. If you’re winning on water (not just even, but winning), it’s a nice little boost (still not that big though) to close out games.

Overall I would say it won’t change anything. Just a QoL-thing for Turks.

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It will probs matter more on weird MegaRandom gens, in a case there is water on the map but without fish so there is no naval fight early on, but later in the game it will be easier for a Turk player to surprise the opponent with cannon galleons.

Yeah, why not. It’s ok I guess.
I don’t think the power spike will be high. It’s just a little help.

Turks could also get their artillery tech giving them 17 range ECG when they hit Imperial and that would be nice for water control.

tell me - how often do you actually see people using cannon galleons for controlling water?

In the late-game you pretty much have to make cannon galleons to take out the docks and end the game.

You can snipe Docks and shore Castles easier.

But that’s after you have water control and are closing out the game

I think the buff is negligible…

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