Turks feedback 2

I think the Turks are powerless until the post imperial age. No pikeman, no elite skirmishers. How Mayans can be stronger than Turks, is ridiculous.


We are having a detailed discussion on the last post of the topics on weak civs. I will summarize it in one day I think! Join us to help the discussion :slight_smile:

People saying Turks are useless before post imp have literally never watched an Arena game it seems.

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Just give them foodless economic upgrades (Opposite to the Vietnamese).

this isn’t going to help them in the post imp trash wars where the turkish problem is.


But helps in the earlier stages at open maps.
You save a good amount of food for rushes afterall

I have tried to figure out how I would balance the Turks, while keeping their civ identity and not making them op… I think 1v1 is hard and team game I think they are underrated.

turks literally have no problems in the early game. they have access to everything everyone else has, right up until castle age. which is why you see them used on arena a lot. you can boom right to their strong suit.

Well no civ truly lacks anything in early game, everyone has full tree till feudal (with obvious exceptions like mesos). If anything their strats and popularity in closed maps like arena and BF tells they don’t have anything to offer before castle age.
Their best strats are buying food off the gold early on

i mean you could say that about a lot of civs though. a lot of civs are generic until you hit castle.

I wish the Voobly/WK win rates were still available. With the bigger sample size, it’d have been easier to determine at what stage are they really weak

i wish MS had their own site for keeping track of stats like aoestats, with more information over each patch.

Give them 450W Trashgonels in Imperial age please, either that or 350W Trash HScorpions