Turks feedback

Tell us, how high?

450-500 Wood, would be fair, i believe. You would almost never see them with such a cost, however.

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In post imp 100 wood sells for 17 gold.
That means the normal gold cost for a mangonel would mean selling 800 wood. Then there’s the base wood cost of 160.

Thats cheaper then selling wood and buying a mangonel normally.

Another thing you could do, is lock it behind Artillery, which would make it much fairer, since Artillery needs a big Stone investment.

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Youd still come out ahead. All of a sudden turks would be the superior trash civ. Mangonel to soften up the skirms and halbs and hussars to finish off anything left over

Maybe, but I would give it a try, to be honest. 500 Wood and after Artillery, means you would almost never see them, and Turks would have to sacrifice almost one Castle to get it.

It would also quickly deplete their Wood lines, not to mention that most Cavalry, Eagles and Castles would not have much issues destroying Mangos in the Imp Age, specially Mangos without Siege Engineers.

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I’m talking post imp trash wars. There is no eagles or heavy cavalry to worry about.

Just spear line scout line and skirm line.
Mangonels would wreck the spear and skirms. Turks get fully upgraded hussars for free and those could handle anything trying to make a run at the mangonels.

If this were to happen I would want to see viper or hera or liery testing it on a test map before even considering it going live.

And fyi 500 wood is actually a discount

Since this somehow flew under the radar I will shamelessly repost-it

I think the FE team would have them test it out before putting it into the game, regardless; if it was ever even considered.

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What about the relic idea of the other topic?

You already have Gold Trickle with 1 Relic, and it does not do much for Turks. Turks even have an easier time than a lot of civs in getting Relics, since the Gold gather bonus helps them get Monks, and the free Scout upgrades helps them, kill enemy Monks and guard their own.

why turks so low in game ? we really dont understand about that… janissary must be strong vs archers

They should only have all the technologies of the PIKERMAN, is so easy make a counter vs the turks because creating camels is already extremely expensive in gold.

Do not ressurrect dead threads, please.

turks still so low in game – we are waiting something for turks…

Would you prefer

  • adding on comments to this already long thread

  • Making more new threads about turks balance

It’ll end up being one or the other. Oh it’s the second one.

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As in aoe4, the mehter unit should be added to the Turks in aoe2.By copying the same features from ao4, it can be added to the Turks as a unique unit.I think the Turks are powerless at the post imperial age. No pikeman, no elite skirmishers. How can Mayans be stronger than Turks, is ridiculous.The pikeman and skirmishers can be strengthened with the “mehter” unit, thereby removing the imbalance between them and other races.

it’s simple. because a game needs to be balanced. a civ shouldn’t be stronger just because they were stronger IRL.
the Turks are still one of the best civs on Arena maps.

that said, there is zero reason to necro a thread that was 2 years old.