Turks late game market buff

“Market selling prices never fall below 20 gold.”

Saracen price is 19 so nothing game breaking. Still a nice increase from 17 with guilds. And you could just skip guilds in a crunch for gold, or when you really don’t have gold for it and are stuck with 14 selling price.

Giving them more trash options would ruin their identity so they rather need some gold income.

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Can we please stop saying this? They need a good counter to archers. Period. Plus having 20 gold instead of 14 not gonna solve anything


They have Mangonels, and even normal Skirmishers with Bracer and Ring Archer Armour, are enough to counter Arbalests.

arbalests destroy mangonels tho, even worse Turks don’t even have siege engineers. And skirms outranged with 2 less damage are awful too


We have proposed a very similar bonus in the other discussion, like +5g every time you sell food/wood.

I think this can definitely work, basically you push turks in a trash war, where they are the worst civ in the game…

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Yeah sure. Regular skirms and mangonels should be able to stop brittons or plumed archers 11. Only answer turks have againts archers civs arw HCA and guess what? They use gold. Tons of gold.
Having 5 more gold for a 100 food/wood won’t be enough


5 more gold is good imo, from 17 to 22. The point is that the bonus is strong only in late imp, 5g is a 30% extra gold.

Maybe the bonus could be +30%g every time you sell f/w. This is the same in late game (22g from 100f/w) but stronger in the earlier stages.

If 30% is not enough, it can be more, like 40%, which is like +7g in a trash war.

Imo the good idea behind the bonus is that it does boost turks game with no gold, without adding trash units, following the idea of gold civ…

Tbh, I am not against giving them e skyrms, but too many people are… so that is why a market bonus may work


30% extra of 0 is still 0.
A better rate in the market could help you to get one extra trebuchet or cannon, but if you have to sell food and wood to hold on, and your opponent can just make trash zyou gonna loose in the end. Make the math: how much wood and food you need to use to recruit jannisaries or HC"or whatever you’re playing (both in real cost and market) against how much food and wood need a civ with regular trash to counter you?


In a trash war you still need gold for siege, and sometimes for champions.

A turk champion would cost 45+20*100/22= 136f. Another FU champion 163. This could be a starting point to find a good percentage.

A similar computation can be done for siege. How much wood a ram is in a trash war?

I mean, we can try to reason this way…


Yes. Some gold units between lots of trash units. A few more gold units won’t cut it if there are no trash units

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turks are fine
plus that would copy saracens, too unoriginal

turk identity is to die when gold runs out, so any late game buff ruins them
don’t buff turks they are fine

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They are useless on 99% of the maps


buff turks, they are so weak against archers and siege rams. they dont have any real unit to counter arabelest or siege rams.

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So do Archers. I fail to see the issue.
Turks also have Siege Rams, which alongside Skirms with Bracer, are cost-effective against Archers.

They have Siege Rams + Bracer Skirms to counter Arbalests, and a whole host of Melee units and good BBCs to counter Siege Rams.

Yeah, good luck holding up against a britton until you have siege ram.


that is not a solution. this amount of gold enough for what ? jans, hca, hc, bc, cavalier, camel? i think none of these. turks need different buff. and pls buff turks in august patch

wow. thanks bro all of us are stupd. turks have normal skrm to counter arbalests and we still complaining.

Let us see… I do hope for a Turk and Italian buff…


but you can preview your map in the ranked lobby
and they are not useless
you have to play them right, not lag on a game and throw away all your expensive units