Turks need Houfnice

What do you mean a gimmick? Houfnice is actually good. The splash damage makes it really hard to dodge. It also looks cool.


Gimmick as in intentionally broken, some consider Bohemians the best Black Forest/ Arena civ because of that.

Yes it’s strong, but that’s the easy part about designing a civ, the whole point is to make it elegantly done.

A better example of implementing Houfnice into the game without making it ugly would be having Bohemians lack Siege Engineers. Or rather lack Halbs. But they wont do it, it would kill the fantasy play, and that’s what people love. Utopian compositions.

Artillery and Houfnice, yep that’s definitely balanced. Also, the nomenclature makes no sense Houfnice is Czech for Howitzers. You might as well give them access to Sturmtruppen in a WW1 game


Honestly, I think +2 range BBC is stronger than Houfnice…


Halbs make sense from a historical standpoint though, losing siege engineers could be a possibility.

I honestly can’t believe what I’m reading here is a serious suggestion.

So, jannies with 10 range, houfnices with… 15 range? That have 25% extra HP and get created faster?


I am honestly in shock that people have that extreme weak argument: Turks are S tier civ in Arena.LoL. So what? They are bad anywhere else.

If you still insist on that weak argument, I present you Poles which are also S tier in Arena, yet they were buffed with Siege Engineers at the last patch.

Poles were fine without siege engineers, ig they added it because everyone’s favourite sport was to spam that Poles are too weak to archers or something, which was overblown tbf.

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Maybe Just +1 range for jans when artillery Is researched could be fair?
Or(/and) also a discount on the elite upgrade?
However now there is the PUP to try some changes before they go “online”…

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It’s the map where turks are played most so where’s the problem? And no they aren’t bad everywhere else. Any semi closed map turks are good and even on open maps they okay nowadays.

And btw poles isn’t a an s-tier arena civ. Just bc they have high win rates doesnt mean they are s tier. Like couple of months ago spanish and koreans were among highest win rates while they are mid tier or so. Poles get destroyed by any s tier arena civ. If you are matched up against turks for instance you’re simply dead. They even struggle against any civ with good archers bc they don’t have an answer to arb in early imp.

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Maybe just artillery gives Jannis +20% accuracy

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Seriously guys, did you never get castle dropped by Turks to keep asking for janissary buffs like that?


this would make jannis worse … Because when they fire randomly some bullets miss and hit others which does 11 (big enogh) dmg so they kill more then 3-4 units in every fire wave.

Turks dont need much help…Maybe small early def bonus like +5HP for vills would do good.
Or Elite Jannies could have 55HP rather then 50 or +1PA would be ok.
Their Cavarly is very nice having FU camels and Auto upgrade +1 Pa Fu hussars A+
Their Gunpowder units are hell of a strong 14 range 100hp fast created insta BBC S++
Their Barracks are ■■■■■■■■ xD D-
Their Heavy Cav Archers are best (Bulky) S
Their Uniqe is among the best (when microed properly they erase allmost everything) S
Their only big weakness is early vulnurablity against feudal rushes it is ok but i still think they could use some help like +5 HP for vils or something.And Elite Jans need something its for sure. But not a big touch.

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Yes, Artillery can get only +1 to Jenissaries and siege enginners was an idea intead of Houfnices.

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Insane its not a word that can be used on a simple Hussar with +1 armor, meaby +1 armor aditional on imperial age, or artillery gets +1 to Jenissaries, or siege engineers.

Sorry man, i forced Daut castles a lot of times, i am like 17++ so is not a big deal, and is a big weakness depend 100% on the unique unit from the castle, so risky, expensive, and so predictable.

Lets just give Turcos new damn unique unit !!!
Great Bombard (Created From Castle in İmp Age instead of Trebuchets)
Acts like Trebuchet slow and vulnerable when packed and needs to be unpacked to be able to attack.
Stats HP and Armor is same as trebuchets.Having 18 range and 90 attack but projectile speed is same with bbc and with onagers blast radius. Effective against both buildings(have +450 attack bonus vs) and low hp units like trash units and archers.Costs 275 gold 300 wood.
That would be damn good to see :smiley: