Turks/Ottomans: Remove the Bell and Church sounds & better Mosque models

Please remove the Bell sounds in Istanbul as well as ingame and the Church sound when the Mosque is built/selected. The Ottomans are a Muslim Empire and that just do not fit. Take AOE II DE as an example. Also the Mosque models look very horrible. They need to be improved and the advanced Mosque just looks like too squeezed and unproperly.


Devs, please take Taunt 15/31/33 so that everyone is happy.
Or let it be as it is. I personaly don’t care.

I don’t think bell sounds in Constantinople are unrealistic there were/are many churches in Istanbul besides bell sounds could be from ships.

About mosque sound…yes it is inaccurate What do you suggest instead?

Azan. The Islamic prayer call.

I hear it 5 times in a day believe me. It’s pretty long for this requirement and I cannot foresee it’s consequences some muslims could find it inappropriate.

What about the Age of Empires II Monastery Sound?

I think this is the kind of thing that non muslims do not care about, but it is easy enough for a fix and to be respectful of the culture

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Off topic, but what is your profile picture?

Its a dragoon on a Camel

The Saracen intro music

Yes but it looks like an AoE III unit icon so I was wondering if it was a mod/unit or perhaps self made?