Turks Trash Unit

Turks must acces Pikeman.The subject is closed to discussion :). They also need to produce soldiers when the game turns into trash wars like the other 38 civs. So I put a technology in the archery range that turns the skirmisher into a mounted skirmisher. This is an expensive technology for the castle age, it will not be easy to get. This unit will act as a tank in battles. Counter is very easy. Cavalry and Pikemans can easily take it. He will need to hit and run or use the pikemans for cut the pikeman.
All professional players say Turks are bad and do not choose. This is also true for other players. The lack of trash units is annoying. If these updates come, the Turks will not be an extraordinarily strong civ, only the preferred civ.
Hussar, Pikeman and Mounted Skirmisher sound good.

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Mounted Skirmisher = Genitours from Berbers…

No it is not, which is why you posted it. If it was closed, then you would not post it. Turks are fine, they need nothing.

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Turks are a gimmicky civ, kind of like Goths or Franks in regard to they do one or two things really well - and in terms of late game their trash isn’t that great aside from cheap halbs for Gothic armies.

Plus they have good hussars for late game, bad foot trash has always been their identity.

Here’s an idea for giving them a mounted skirmisher. Next time pair up with a Berber teammate, problem solved.

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The Turkish Trash Unit is called “Hussar” and its pretty much the strongest Hussar in the game - with insane raid potential due to +1P and free Hussar Upgrade (that costs 1100 resources total. 600 of which is gold)


It is also relevant to note taht Turks are supposed to win teh game in the Castle Age, when they have the strongest UU by far, and can spam Mangonels because of the Gold bonus.

Turks are a civ for people that want to (and know how to) Rush. Castle Age Janissaries have no counter, they even outrange Elite Skirms without Bracer, and that only arrives in Imp, when Turks get BBC immediately.

Why do people want more trash units for Turks given that trash wars in post-imp is super boring and time-consuming. Just try to win the game in castle or early imp with your power spikes and with your quality gold army. If it doesn’t work, try to spam some hussar raids and close the deal, or resign. It’s not a big deal to make a civ powerful after the 1h30 mark.


Because people do not know how to play in any way, except Boom into lategame, with every single civ, and they expect it to always be vaible, even though many civs are widely known as Rush civs.

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I might argue that +1pa to scout line was a bad idea, and they needed elite skirmishers instead. But they do not need pikes. FU heavy camel is a better option

If you aren’t picking ‘Random’ as your civ, consider using another civ that has top tier trash. Problem solved!

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Well their hussars can be countered by Halbs withour fearing the skirmisher protection, hence why they are fine without ESkirm and the extra PA balanced.

Tatars have FU heavy camels and wasn’t enough to make up for the lack of halberdier (especially looking at the absurdly bad tatar infantry), hence why they received halbs and the flaming camel to counter cavalry, Turks could get a new unit to counter cavalry, which is right now one of their biggest deals.

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No, best Hussar in the game is the Bulgarian Hussar.
Even the Tatar Hussar is better equipped.

its debatable. the Turkish one gets everything for free, which is a huge bonus up front. in the long run though the Bulgarian and Tatar should pull ahead.