Turn Off Spectators for Nomad Ranked to Stop (Asian) Cheating

Seems every time we play nomad recently there is a spectator that magically appears and then the other team blatantly knows ours positions. This is a huge disadvantage on nomad because which players go for water aggression or FC castle drop or knights is usually the difference between winning and losing.

I hate to call out a general group of players but it does seem to be primarily Asian players that do this (especially Chinese and Indian teams).

Have other players also experienced this or have we just been particularly unlucky?

I am happy to share recs but I do not think it is necessary and naming individual players will not help (even though some of them are 2k+ 1vs1 and should definitely know better).

The easiest solution would be to turn off spectators for Nomad start matches in ranked. Or add a really huge (15min) delay time. Open to other suggestions also.


I think with this. The spectator time should be increase to like 30 mins for nomad type map


Same thing even in 1v1. I for example wish we could not allow spec in our games, only recs if someone needs to. Friends can stream to their friends on discord or something.

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