Turtle ship buff?

So it seems that this unit is bad, I think I watched a video by SotL time ago of how even vs what it’s supposed to be strong vs, namely Fire Ships, it trades averagely at best, and in short including this ram of sorts in your frontline basically never pays off. Its secondary purpose of tanking shoreline shots from Towers/Castles is also mostly nullified by Heated Shot.

Maybe the unit doesn’t need buffs vs shoreline defense, but maybe a buff in water combat? Right now it’s legit never used.

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Either their range should be increased to 7 or even 8
Or their gold cost should be lowered to 150 G from 180 G

Because the unit is simply overpriced for what it offers… You can see it practically, its quite slow even with the buff it recieved, not that I want it to be faster. I just want it to be worth it in terms of gold…


Hmm, if they got nerfed when compared to HD, then it’s another reason (along with general defense nerfs) why a friend went back to playing HD