Turtle Ship is too Expensive

190 Wood and 185 gold!?! On maps where you know you will run out of wood on gold? Its not practical at all. Discuss.

considering how tanky the unit is, its going to have to be expensive. and how do you get 190 wood? its 152 after the civ discount.


They are like the War Elephants of the sea. Turtles up close, nearly kill everything. Apart from demo ships.


The can even kill cobra cars

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Yes go make thme cheap like Longboats and then you will be here complaining that Turtle Ship is too cheap!!

Turtle ships costs 3 times than galley but at the same time it can defeat 3 galleys. In other words, Turtle ship is a pop-efficient unit in late water games.

Ships do not deal regulat pierce damage to each other. Most of the damage dealt is anti ship attack. Turtle ships and Fire ships have lots of armor of this type. Just like Cataphracts have lots of armor of cavalry type, thus negating lots of bonus damage from Camels and Spears.

The glaring advantage of Turtle Ships over Fire ships is greater range (6 vs 2.5 or 3.5 Byz), much higher HP, much higher melee armor (significant vs Fire Ships), much better damage output.

The caveat is that Turtle Ships themselves do not deal damage to ships. All their damage is the melee damage.

They are a fine unit. Just very, very, very situational. Rare that you actually need to make these units. A water king of the hill is a prime example where this unit really shines though.

Don’t make them the bulk of your Navy. Just bring a few to take down Fire Ships.

The high cost is supposedly balanced out by how strong they are, and that is true to a degree. they do really well vs galleys but they die pretty hard vs both fire ships and demo ships. If i were to suggest a balance change, i’d say make them only be countered by 1 of those units. for example if you increased their hp and their damage by 10, they would one shot demo ships while barely surviving 2 demo ship collisions and they would still be bad vs fire ships and good vs galleys.