Turtle strats should be boosted in Supremacy

With the nerf to walls hp by -%50, to walls Line of sight by -%75, it became much harder to turtle for most of the civs, in order to add variety of playstyles a chance in the competitive level, some changes regarding to reward turtle playstyle could be implemented, such as reducing the cost of outposts, making age3 economic upgrades a little bit stronger and couraging 3tc age3 strats more rather than couraging all in unit-make strats. Which is clearly the dominating way in the competitive level, hopefully some changes will be implemented regarding to this issue.


Eco play is already dominating the ladder as its already harder to rush due to maps having a lot more ressources.
For that reason rushing civs like russia and aztecs are considered weak civs since rushing is their strongest strategy and its not that hard to deffend against them as long as your herding is on point.
And for what I have seen on this forum most 1v1 players already hate long drawn games.


3DE has much more resources near starting TC than RE. You can easily go to Industrial Age or rush in Fortress Age with them. It buffs turtling dramatically.

I didnt see this in the balance patch. Where are you getting these numbers?

He is comparing it to legacy aoe in which walls had 3k hp and more line of sigh.


Well… not sure about economy or military, but defenses could vary a lot more really.

I was thinking the same, maybe a few changes could be suggested like making a few more upgrades to outposts and forts, walls don’t need more changes since they are able to be massed in late game (Almost to the point of being too much).

They could play around a bit with making all those who hit imperial get twice as many outposts and maybe add another upgrade so that they are no longer just another building in the map at late game.

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It is actually not, but only courages the playstyles based on going to fast fortress as soon as possible and just ship units over rush civs, which shouldn’t be the case, so that our opinions in this case are kind of similar, russia and aztecs are weak because their only option is considered to rush, they can’t implement a proper follow up or boom, booming is not easily possible for most of the civs, even water boom is viable as 2 or 3 civs and rest can’t benefit from it.

It is not the case for turtling, in competitive games turtling is not easier but actually harder than it used to be now. Because of the fixed crates, most civs can start TP which boosts the age3 oriented into unit making playstyles even more while not giving a lot of chance to playstyles where a player would want to construct a fort, outpost or TCs, that kind of play is far from being rewarded currently.

I agree there actually. Fast fortresses are actually quite strong and the way to go on most match ups
We are seeing more and more fast industrial strategies lately though, also walls have become quite important on this game, I would even say a must in some match ups

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