Two bugs about (Team)EngineeringSchool

  1. The train point of Cannoneer won’t be reduced because (Team)EnginneringSchool cards affects only “AbusGun” tag. It should be changed to “AbstractAbusGun”.
  2. ypBlackFlagArmy and ypMongolianArmy don’t produce Artillery now, thus shouldn’t be affected by Engineering School card.
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BTW, the bug that Chinese fort (got from Consulate) could produce Uluan haven’t been fixed …

Heey @Ziper8941, thanks for your report on the Engineering School cards! We’re now tracking these issues. I can’t however reproduce the Chinese Fort being able to produce Uhlans bug.

Oh my bad, sry i remember something wrong :cold_face:
Could you confirm whether this feature of fulani archar is intended? Thank you