Two bugs: "Armored Beasts" tech and Trade landmark for French not boosting gold


  1. the armored beasts tech for the delhi sultanate is giving 3/3 armor to just war elephants. instead of giving 2/2 armor to war elephants AND tower elephants like the description states. i am not providing screenshots or videos because this is so easy to test. start a skirmish game in the castle age, build two elephants, research the tech, notice how it only applies to war elephants and gives the wrong amount of armor.

  2. the 30% increased trade landmark for the french only boosts stone/wood/food trade income. it does not boost gold income. this is either a bug, or should be specified in the tooltip of the landmark.

Thanks for the reports. We’ll get these to our team.

Doesn’t seem to work for gold, I had a multiplayer game with a friend trading with him to generate 62 gold per cart, swapping to another resource gave 81 of that resource instead, a 30% increase rounded up. Either the bonus is applying twice, once to get to the 62 and again to get to 81, or it is just not applying to gold.