Two healing related ideas

  1. Overhealing bonus/UT: Units completly healed in castle gain a temporary +5% HP that slowly drain until reach the real HP. For example, I garrisone a wounded Paladin, when it is full healing it gain the hp boost (189 HP) and start drain slowly (20 hp/min) until 180 hp. If is wounded below 180 stop drain

  2. A new ability for a UU or a UT for generic units that leave enemy units wounded when attack.
    A slowly trickle (30 hp/min) of draining hp, non stackable and just stopable when the unit is garrisoned in TC, tower or Castle. Effect doesn’t affect buildings, ships and siege

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Unnecessary and not AOE 2 style, you can try with triggers in the scenario editor

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I would rather herbal medicine makes monks heal faster, increases monk range, lets monks heal themselves slowly like a hero, or removes the delay when selecting a new target to heal.


Isn’t herbal medicine powerful enough as is? but yes remove the delay

I don’t think so actually. 6x healing is good, but you typically want units on the field instead of garrisoned, so affecting monks as well might be good.

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I would like to see a monk civ with a bonus that they can “overheal” their units by 20 % or so. But only if healed by monks and also at a reduced speed.
I think this could be a neat bonus for a upcoming monk civ.

Also there could be some bonus that currently healed units don’t die immediately but only if they stay below 1 hp for some time (and also slow down or block a possible conversion).

If I think about it this could actually be quite useful for burmese (?).

Think of herbal medicine as temporarily turning military into eco units instead of creating new units you are salvaging the one you already have for free and by saving resources you need less villager allow you to field more units. Healing a paladin for a minute is the equivalent of generating 24F 30G, this is even more effective if you are restricted to castle age where knights have 120 Hp. In games where gold is a limiting factor this is really Good. The best value is gained with high-cost gold intensive low Hp Like Shotels which can fully heal in 40 seconds.

But they can fully die in 2 seconds :roll_eyes:

But they also have high damage fast speed and a quick-training time

Shotels are the kind of units that is made to spammed in the general direction of the enemy or as an emergency. Herbal medicine is better with mounted units since those are even faster, are less likely to die and give you more value through healing. Best one is the mangudai because you can use them to snipe trebs, heal and repeat for quite a long while.