Two issues with Proselytize (formerly Faith)

This is the tech which allows Abbasid Imams to target convert a single unit There are two issues that make this tech a lot less useful.

First, whenever the converting monk gets hit the conversion gets reset, i.e. when your opponent targets your monks with ranged units or even gets any melee units on top of them they won’t convert anything because they’re constantly starting over.

Second, it goes on 60s cooldown when the target leaves the conversion range or when you cancel the conversion e.g. by giving a move command. This makes it very easy to waste the cooldown and in return unnecessarily hard to get value out of the ability.

These two issues make the ability very niche. You have to use when your opponent commits to a fight, but the moment he reaches your monks it’s already rendered useless again. It feels almost impossible to hit that line and I do not understand the reasoning to make it this way.

I’d love to see a change to make the ability more usable. It needs a larger window for succes.

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Yeah they should make it behave more like conversions in AoE2. As it is here it is way too clunky to use.

Also, it should not be in Imperial, it should be a castle tech as it becomes even less useful in Imperial.

It would also be better if you could convert units beyond the pop cap.

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I agree that the tech would be a lot stronger in castle age, but I somewhat understand the imperial choice. It circumvents the issue of monks taking over the game which can be very unfun to play against.

Converting past pop cap would be great to make conversions more impactful in lategame, but you’d have to find a solution for FFA where you can convert units from eliminated players. Still, I’d like to see it in the game.