Two of Venetian Ball Event mod is gone

i find two of carnival mod i unlock during the event (siege ram and town center)is gone
only the spearman one still show up at the menu of event mod as the screenshot.

anyone have the same problem?

No, my problem is that I opened the game tonight to find that it was taken out, I wasn’t able to get the Venetian Masks… They made and update on something about women’s day and now I won’t be able to get the Venetian masks skin…

I hope they give them to those of us who waiting till the end to be updated off of obtaining them while we were still on time to get them…

Yeah, I was trying to get the 100 spearman badge and didn’t realize it was in one match. So once the Ball Event was taken down I just gave up. I guess the mods are still available but I didn’t unlock the 100festive spearman mod.

Try using the actual mod manager, accessed through options > mods.