Two players spawned on same island in nomad mode on migration map

Greetings dear AoE4 Team

I encountered a bug on a 4-player nomad single-player game on the new migration map. I spawned with one of the enemy on the same starting island. In fact, the enemy villagers spawned in the exact same spot as mine, because the enemy villagers immediately pulled their knives out to assault mine right at game start. It was quite spooky to hear the attack horn right after entering the game. :slight_smile: The enemy AI then started to build his town center, but then soon canceled it and then stopped doing anything at all.

I specifically assigned all players to “no team”. I selected the map size for 4 players. My map seed is 7169e426.

Here is a picture for proof:

My game build number: 7.0.5861.0 in German


Hey @MajJerling! On a quick pass, I can’t seem to repro. What was the biome?

Hi Savage

I believe the biome was Gobi Desert.