Two questions before buying


I only have two questions before deciding whether to buy this edition or not.

  1. How do you start a standard game? (I.e non-campaign game and just yourself against AI players) I haven’t seen a single screenshot that shows this option.

  2. If you play on the map where there is a river kind of dividing the map in two. (Highlands?) and you build walls where ever you can cross the river by foot will the AI try to cross the river by boats as well as trying to take down the walls (unlike the original editions where it will never try to cross the river by boat and will just focus to take down the walls)?

I know the answer to youre first qeustion:
when you are ingame, you see at the right side of youre screen a blue shield with one sword behind it, with the words under it: standard game, click on that shield and you can play a standard game.

for the second one, try it out a few times and than see whet the AI does

From what I can tell from the screenshots clicking on that shield only gives you the options ”Campaign”, ”Historical Battles”, ”The Art of War” and ”Learn to Play”. No? I can’t see any option to just play a regular standard game.

Watch any video from last week showing main menu. It makes no sense to not have one of most used feature in aoe

Edit:video no main menu but standart game window and gameplay

Anyway don’t expect AI making wall

Thanks for video. I still don’t understand how to start such a game though. I watched all the videos I could find and never saw it in beta either. I was just curious since I thought someone should know.

I didn’t ask if the AI would build walls but rather if they would focus on crossing the river by boat rather then just focus on tearing down MY walls. :slight_smile:

ops, i read you also meant that AI will also block it. But yea i don’t think AI will use transports

If you look carefully in the top in the main menu left next to multiplayer icon there is the single player skirmish and probably also the LAN multiplayer part of this game. It was locked at the last stage of the beta so has been greyed out and no hovering.

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