Two scenario editor requests

There are lots of things the scenario editor could benefit from, I’m going to talk about two of them here.

First, please let each civ have a custom tickbox, where it can be set to either “Was Defeated” or “Were Defeated.” This annoys me so much, for example, you wouldn’t have “The Egyptians was defeated” like currently, you would have “The Egyptians were defeated.” It’s a small detail, but it really frustrates me. Just a simple text box in the editor so people can choose which they want to use would be great.

Second, for objective triggers, there needs to be a tickbox “Fail on activation”. It needs a better name, but effectively, when the conditions are met, instead of putting a tick in the objectives box and crossing it out in green, the game would put a cross in the objective box, and cross the objective out using red. This makes it clear that the player has failed to complete the objective. This is good for things like when you have an optional objective to keep all your heroes alive, if one of them dies, you didn’t complete the mission, why would it be green? It should be red, you failed. This just really irritates me. What do people think?