Two versions in MS?

Weeks ago my dad bought the AoE DE, Today I go to his MS and I see that he has installed the AoE DE twice, different versions… How is that possible?

This is possible because there is actually two different versions. If you bought the Feb 2018 Aoe:de release it runs on a 27xxx edition. The newest is a cross-play edition available in the MS Store after updating to newest Window 10 version. It can also be purchased from Steam but the folks at forgetten didn’t make the previous buyers from xbox game app who spent the 20$ fork over another 20$. I believe when you actually run version 28529 in the new aoe:de executable it says you’re playing the game “Darwin” (maybe this was a code name for their beta). I don’t work there, but this should answer your question on how you may have two age of empires defintive versions.