Ty all for the amazing tips

Hi all today I defeated the hard AI. I made a post yesterday stating I was having tough time with hard AI, but today I defeated them in castle age. I used fast casle spammed knights and killed the clets as Cumans.

Is there a way to build up with all units and not rush?

I found that if AI is given some time, they build up pretty fast, but one has to constantly rush them and keep em on toes.

I standard or moderate the only way to defeat the AI after building up a massive force?

thanks once again

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I suggest playing on closed maps and just go for wall and boom. Learn a FC into boom build order for example. If you know how to defend a choke point, then you need little units to just stall a possible push, will expanding your eco quickly behind it. When you are ready, you will start the push.

As hinted already, this is usually only possible in maps where you can wall up while you boom your economy. Against the extreme AI, however, this could prove difficult because the extreme AI is so, oh sooo very good at booming, so is actually difficult to keep up against it on a std 3-TC boom.

If you just want to get better, learn how to rush. If you rush properly, economy mistakes/overlooks are much more forgiving.