Tycoon and Historical Maps for AOE 2 DE?

AOE 3 DE in the next expansion is going to get those new modes and I think AOE 2 DE could benefit as well, Tycoon is a nice one to practice booming, and the AOE 2 Timeline has a lot of material to do historical maps, here are a few examples:

  • Fall of the Roman Empire.
  • The Caliphate expansion.
  • Great Turkish Invasion.
  • Triparpite Struggle.
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Historical maps seem to me like excuses to do historical battles without voice actors (but I don’t know if they are voice acted in the new AoE3 DLC, maybe I’m wrong)

Tycoon maps kinda already exist, you need to set the victory to “score” and the treaty length to 90 minutes (No objectives tho)

Could you explain me what is a Tycoon game?
And what do you mean with historical maps? Historical battles are the same thing?

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They are new game modes in the new AoE3 DLC, from the website:

Tycoon Mode

Tycoon is a new casual game mode in which players vie to create the most productive economic engine for their civilization. Free from the pressure of the head-to-head military play, Tycoon allows players to explore and strengthen economic strategies for their civs and take that knowledge back into the other game modes. Victory is secured by holding the highest Tycoon Score at the end of the game round or being the first to reach the score target. Other key changes in Tycoon mode include limits to military unit caps and lifespan, and a new set of Tycoon Challenges that offer bonuses to Tycoon Score for players that are first to meet economic milestones.

Historical Maps

A brand new set of maps to dive into history with Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition

Historical Maps are a new variation of Random Maps. Randomly generated for endless replayability, but with unique objectives for each map, based on some of the most memorable conflicts on the European continent.

The Italian Wars
Eighty Years’ War
The Deluge
Great Turkish War
Great Northern War
Napoleonic Wars
Russo-Turkish Wars
The Thirty Years’ War (multiplayer only)


Well Historical Maps are kinda maps with objectives so ofc no voiced.

Even if we wouldn’t get historical maps, I would love for Constantinople/Galata, Egypt, Turkey with Cyprus (so one can escape if got overran), and maybe a more in-depth Caribbean map.