Type of mouse click


One thing disturb my game-play experience when I play different version of age of empires.

I play age of empires 1 & 2 since many time.

When age of empires 3 was release, One little thing has changed : “the click behavior”

In age of empires 1 and 2, to do a click with my mouse, I pressed the left button or right button, and I have to release the button to do the selection or give an order.

In the age of empires 3, It is completely different, I have only to press button without release it to perform action. In the heat of the moment, I missed my double click, and I loose a precious time and precision in my actions.

I don’t found any setting to do in windows control panel, or in game settings to change this.

If you don’t want change this behavior of the mouse, can you add an option to switch between this two settings ? I mean you can add it in the future version of age of empires III definitive edition.

May the developers hear my request…