Typo in Cuman Tech Tree (possibly every tech tree, dunno)

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Bloodlines and Husbandry should also mention that it affects Missionaries, cause that is not implicit by “cavalry”-class, since there’s AFAIK no Scale Barding Armor for Missionaries either. Nor do Pikemen have an attack bonus against them (I hope).

Actually not super sure if they get those upgrades, since it’s not reflected in the Missionary description in the TT either. But I read that here:

Clarfication would be neat.

It’d also be nice if it was clear whether Thumb Ring affects cavalry archers, as I don’t think it says anywhere.

It says archers, which includes Cavalry archers. If Cavalry archers were to be excluded, it would say foot archers, like the Yeomen tech does for example.

But it could be made more clear, like many things in the tech tree.

Actually, Halberds one shot Missionaries. Did they always do that?

Always, missionaries are cavalry units so they take the +32 damage from halbs. That’s why you get sanctity and bloodlines for +35 HP in total.

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