UHD Graphics too zoomed in

The UHD option is meant for playing on 4K screens which have a much higher dot pitch compared to Full HD. So this behavior is actually expected. While you can play in Ultra HD on Full HD it’s actually not recommended for the reason you just described.


I have a 4K monitor and I tried the UHD pack. It was more zoomed in than the regular graphics even at 4K resolution. I switched back to regular GFX. I’d rather have the option to zoom out more when needed.


Well. I did notice that difference already when I ran the performance test. I prefer non UHD at the moment too and I don’t have 4K available to test it anyway.

Well I tried it on 4k and the same happened, I love the new UHD textures but having the units too close doesn’t allow me to play properly I hope the devs take a look into this

It’s called an “Enhanced Graphics Pack”, which makes it slightly unclear. I’d want “enhanced graphics” and would think I’d be getting “enhanced graphics” if I downloaded it :slight_smile: But I have a 1080p monitor. So, if 4K is a requirement, that should be explicitly stated.

Dear Microsoft, may we get clarification/confirmation that this pack is, truly, only meant for 4K monitors and not for 1080p monitors, too? If 4K is a requirement and/or the enhanced graphics would look bad on 1080p, then a “4K monitor” should be mentioned as a requirement on the Steam and Microsoft Store pages, imo. Maybe rename the pack to “Enhanced (UHD 4K) Graphics Pack,” too. This will help non-4K users know it shouldn’t be downloaded/used when they see it on the game’s DLC tab in Steam.

I admit, it’s been a little unclear for me.


I just tested it with UHD (EGP) enabled and it does indeed make a huge difference. Much less zoom out available, too much zoom in. It should be around the same of course. But too much zoom out is not nice either so this should be balanced approximately the same in both modes.

The UHD texture pack contains double resolution sprites, this is intended to make the scaling for UHD screens (4k+) look a bit more sensible.


The end result is that if you get the UHD textures on a 1080p screen you will effectively have less zoom range because all the sprites will take up more screen space.

So there are no new or changed graphics in the UHD pack, they are just bigger (and take up more memory which can be a performance hit for some systems). Some people like them even for 1080p screens and that’s totally fine as well.


Right on! Thanks for the clarification, Neros :smiley:

But why can’t the zoom range be automatically changed when UHD textures are used, so that player can zoom farther out?


We did try to fix that at one point, but it wasn’t stable enough to release and we haven’t had time to go back to it yet.


The big question here would be… are there plans to get to arranging it for 1080p monitors? being able to zoom in on the new graphics is what every aoe2 player has always wanted.


You are perfectly right and I hope that Microsoft can help.

How would this help 1080p monitor users? With Neros7000 saying the enhanced graphics pack is for UHD 4K+ users, I’m genuinely curious how it would or could benefit 1080p users, like me. Thanks!

Well you can zoom in so much that you can check if your villagers have dressed underwear that day, now seriously, zooming level is not the same, the detail of the game while max zoom in with EGP DLC @1080 is stunning.


Well, if you try zooming in while using UHD units look much closer and better, whilst withouth UHD, you don’t get that level of zoom and graphics are worse up close.


Even something like the nicer water effects with EGP would be a shame to lose if I disabled it, but I can’t play this zoomed in :confused:

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Microsoft, please let us zoom out even more on UHD graphics! I love how UHD looks on my 1920x1080 screen but it’s too zoomed in to be competitive in the game.


There is a related issue to this, which is that the game doesn’t support AMD virtual resolution. I have my 1080p screen set to 4k in the AMD driver, and in all other games, the game sees my screen as 4k, and lets me run at 4k, with the driver downsampling to 1080p. This generally produces a very noticeable improvement in image quality compared to running at 1080p. But for some reason, AoE II DE doesn’t see the screen as being 4k, and the highest resolution it lets me set is 1080p, causing the zoom problem with enhanced graphics. If the virtual resolution worked, it would provide a workaround for the zoom issue for people with a powerful enough graphics card to handle 4k.

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Thanks for mentioning it. I’ll try this approach myself. Maybe I find a way around.

So… I just bought this shiny new 1080p monitor. I guess I could switch it for a 4k

But, does anyone know for sure if UHDzooms out to normal view on 4K?

I kind of don’t trust MS to, you know, give a crap about whether things work…