UHD Pack for Age of Empires 1 DE

Will there be a UHD DLC for Age of Empires 1 like the one we just got for Age II DE?

Really enjoying that one. Will there also be future patches?


That version supports 4K UHD natively up to 4x zoom out of the box.


Yes I think it’s already included.

When you see on Age 2 without the UHD pack, the zoom possibilities are very limited and it looks rapidly blurry.

On Age 1, the zoom x4 is already what the UHD pack from Age 2 provides.

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Thanks for that guys…wasn’t aware of that.
Can someone then explain why the DLC route. Looks needlessly complicated.

Because while AoE DE 2 is 19 Gb (?), UHD pack is… another bunch of 24 Gb (?), not sure of the numbers but it’s almost same size, you double needed capacity, so better to make it optional.

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Yeah the size increase is insane on 2, I guess because the building sprites are much bigger and details of collapsing buildings and such for all 35 wonders and them some are just that much bigger. The difference in performance is not commensurate though. AoE:DE is so smooth by comparison!

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On AoE DE 2 beta, I had performance issues with UHD patch.

(my rig : i7 6700, R9 290, 16 Gb RAM, SSD)

I don’t experience problems with EGP (Enhanced Graphics Pack). Forgot to install it and benchmarked above 1100 points on medium settings without it. Now I have it installed and scored 1078 points on medium settings with Enhanced Graphics (UHD) enabled. Both modes play smooth for me on Full HD.

Intel i7 4th gen mobile, GeForce 760M, 32 GB, Samsung Pro SSD.

Also a NDA reminder that beta details always should stay into the beta sections.

The beta is over and the game released, isn’t the NDA finished ? Also the beta forums have been closed.

Afaik you can only mention that you were part of the beta in the public forum section. But I remember very well that in the NDA and guidelines when participating the beta it said that nothing regarding the beta is allowed to be told to public and should only be discussed within the beta forums. Problem is that a lot of people don’t read this things at all or just forget about it. Don’t worry I won’t hold it against you and it’s not that dramatic either. Just a reminder about the rules.

Yes but I carefully read this type of thing and for me when a beta finishes, the NDA is over. We can’t access the beta anymore, and the beta forums can’t be accessed anymore, I understand your point but you didn’t get the right guy for this lesson :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m a very patient teacher my friend. Repetition is the key. You don’t even have to be signed in to read the insider NDA. Remember that being an insider (and because of that beta participant) does distinct you from the regular forum users. If there are still any left. :smiley:

That is not how it works. You’re not a beta participant by being an insider. You’re an insider because you signed up for the insider program.

The insider program might invite you or provide you or privilege you with certain things that aren’t available for public at that point of time. At that exact point, you should follow the guidelines for that insider “event”.

The link you provided even states this.

I don’t say it like that if you read very carefully. You’ll first have to sign up as insider to be able to become a beta tester by getting invited for the betas you signed up for. Better? Also there is a special insider section on the forum not available for non-insiders. Not any information regarding beta content is allowed to be published in public unless with approval of MS. For that you should read the AOE II DE NDA.

How about an enhanced grafic pack, similar to Age2?
Don’t get me wrong, I know that the current graphics is optimized for weaker PCs. It looks good and all, but I personally had no problem with the previous graphics. So how about keeping some goodies ready for stronger machines? :slight_smile:

Many greetings.


The graphics pack is confirmed, in update 38862 in the English file “strings” added 2 lines about the fact that X4 is only available with the graphics pack)


But 4X is extremely close. Nobody can play like this :smile:

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I don’t really understand how those zoom levels work. Why isn’t it just as in AoE2DE?


Are they serious? Lol. Fix everything wrong with this game first. Nobody is interested in even better graphics which serve little purpose.

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Calm down.It was just a friendly request. No one said it was a must.
If you’d read the first post on the discussion, you would know that too.

Many greetings.

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