UI customization: move garrisoned-unit icons

Hi, I am customizing my UI, with the purpose of having all relevant panels in the bottom centre of my screen.

So far the outcome is quite satisfying:

Except that, if I select a building with garrisoned units, the following happens:

This is not only graphically unpleasant, but also not functional: as I want to click on a garrisoned unit, the click is registered on the minimap, making it impossible to un-garrison a single unit.
Ideally, I would move those icons under the creation queue.

The problem is: if I move those icons, the icons in the creation queue also move accordingly.

More precisely: the only way I have found so far to move them is by moving the coordinates of the widget that I find at line 2942 in the “commandpanel” file, in the “widgetui” folder; but, these coordinates seem to apply to both garrisoned-unit icons and creation-queue icons at the same time.

I would appreciate if someone can point out what I am missing, or suggest a work-around.

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