UI Improvements

So despite the look being modern and characterless, I think the Interface is quite OK and I’m sure there will be some mods in the future to adress that. However, it is very inconsistent and has a few annoying characteristics!

Visual clarity. I barely can see differences between the different upgrades.
In the Market we shouldn’t have to hover over to see the prices, AoE has a more elegant solution.

If I have selecte 100 Longbowmen and 1 Monk, I cannot deploy the sticks (probably because of an overlap with healing). However, I can deploy the camp or other abilities even though there is an overlap as well. I understand that if you have 7 types of units selected it won’t be possible to have all abilities there, but if it’s such a majority, it should recognize which main unit you have selected.

F1 etc. are quite a neat Idea, however, they are unfortunately poorly implemented. It doesn’t always select every (special) building and I don’t really get, which units are displayed to recruit. Is it those from the first building? It should definitely be that of which you have most, so if I have one barracks that I built first and 10 Archery ranges, guess which unit I’d like to train. Or why not give them all a separate box that we can manually build from like the building menu?`

But there is more: If I have selected F1 there might be a spearman and M@A as choice. Below them are upgrades, but it’s not necessarily their upgrade, it might be the one for cavalry if you already have the corresponding upgrade. I mean that’s just stupid.^^

Also, in the Keep (Britons), Spearman is on the right, but everywhere else its on the left. And then, sometimes, there is a M@A upgrade below the spearmen line. I think it was in the Landmark.

I’m sure there are a couple more of these little things that I missed, but those were quite annoying by now.

And yeah, some layers for the Map would be nice, it’s extremely messy!