(UI suggestion) Replace the gray color with black

Hi, everyone!
As I watched recently pro player team games, I noticed that the grey color doesn’t stand out quite good. However, the darker shade of gray in the minimap is easier to spot on. This made me think - wouldn’t it better, if the grey color is darkened or just replaced with black?
Before you go “this is historically incorrect”, the Black banner was used by the Califate and later the elite troops in Hungary were practically the medieval men in black :smiley:
So, what’s your opinion? Unfortunately, I am no photoshop master to give you a picture, so if someone can, please post it here.


And it would immediately give a nice way to distinguish the gray player and Gaya. It sounds like a good idea.


I’ve never seen someone complaining about the historical accuracy of player colors, and I hope no one ever does.
Regarding grey color, I agree that is harder to recognize in the minimap, it should be enough to darken it.

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There was an event where all the colours were changed…

And the grey became darker. It was the best colour ever.

Wish they brought it back. The other colours can stay as is though.

same. i loved those color pallets in general

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It really never mattered.

Who cares if colors are historically accurate.

Like in AOE3’s timeline, British musketeers were called Redcoats (obv their color was red)

But you can be blue as the British.

Same here

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It was the spring event and you can recover those colors with this mod for example.
Concurrently (I believe) devs added the possibility to create palette mods and you can find some that modify one or more of the player colors.


Is it possible for us to make player 7 and Gaia different colours? During the spring event black boars would be extremely hard to spot if they were hidden behind your walls.

It is possible to make any player color any color you prefer; for example, this mod makes p7 white.
As for gaia (boars, deer, resources …) don’t know.

l agree, Grey does cause some confusion. I think black would be cool!