UI text correction

Are there any plans to correct the text of SOCIETY?

It appears that the text is cut


below there is a bar to move to the right


oh, ive never noticed that.

thank you

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Yikes… not the best UI design decision there, especially if users can’t make the fonts smaller via settings?

I’ve never liked all the vertical padding in the UI. But I do find it strange to have to use a horizontal scroll bar, and one that is 1000 pixels down, nonetheless, to see the remaining 4 letters of a word (and possibly a digit or two of a number) on a statistics screen template that I assume is viewable after every match

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i agree, that the "Teams " ( wichc an only go to 4 lol ) could have a smaller collumn ’
Same for the Playername. It should Adjust itself, to the max lengh-.


Thanks, all! We always appreciate this kind of feedback. I’ll make sure the wider team sees it.