Ultimate Potential New Civilizations Review

Yes or more dynasties cards:Ming cards (Fire lancers,Koxinga Grenadiers and Treasure Fleet) and Qinq cards (Manchu Keshiks,Opium wars, Tongzhi Restoration,Wuxu Reform)…


Sure, but let them only be called Afghans (1747-1926) and Uzbeks (1506-1920)…

The Tupi could also work since they’re also South American, or maybe the Muisca.
Then pair the Cherokee with the Apache.

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I disagree, the Tupi were extremely disunited and not technologically advanced. They’re not even close to the power of the Mapuche. Muisca are also too early to really fit.

The only realistic playable native civs for South America are Mapuche and maybe a Guarani-Jesuit civ. There is a more urgent need for minor civs in South America and civs like Muisca, Jivaro, and Charrúa could fit in there.

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Maybe Tupi-Guarani? I don’t know the history between Guaranis and Jesuits, but I knew Tupis and Guaranis are related.

Tupi-Guarani is a broad language group, not really a cohesive nation.

The Jesuits set up Reductions where the Guaraní were educated and shielded from a lot of the worst aspects of colonialism. They armed the Guaraní with European weapons and tactics to repel the invasions of the Brazilian Bandeirantes. Guaraní even had their own artillery so they’d actually have a solid unit roster unlike most native factions.

Sepé was overall commander of the indigenous army, which numbered nearly 1,700 men and fielded eight indigenous artillery pieces made of bound tacuaruzu cane that could be fired only a few times.

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I think if we want to guess what the next civilization is going to be, we should agree on how civilizations seem to be selected.

I think the criteria are usually the following.

  1. Civilizations tend to have a certain level of recycling, USA, Mexico, Italy and Malta.
  2. There are people interested in civilization which guarantees sales.
  3. Respect a somewhat flexible time frame 1492 and 1876?.
  4. The civilization was important and has enough history to take out own units and buildings.
    Bonus: The developers seem to be looking for civilization to be unexpected.

This is not to say that it is impossible to add more elaborate civilizations like the African and Asian civilizations, but it is less likely that they will be added.

With these criteria in mind, I can only come up with European and American civilizations.

Since the previous DLC is from European civilizations, my bet is for civilizations from South America or America in general, I think that Brazil and Argentina have many possibilities, but it is possible that the developers end up surprising us and adding something unexpected, perhaps an Asian civilization or an Oceanian civilization.

Based on these criteria, what do you think the next civilization will be?

Correction: Thank you for the wake up call.
I made a mistake, I thought that the independence of New Zealand had started before, I had not realized that the Maori were the ones who gained their independence.

On October 28, 1835, the Declaration of Independence of New Zealand was signed by the United Tribes of New Zealand, a loose confederation of Māori tribes from the far north of New Zealand organized by British resident James Busby.


Now I’m interested.


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New Zealand the country? Or do you mean Maoris?

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Guaraní could also have a Paraguay revolution option so people could finally do the War of the Triple Alliance. Paraguay was basically founded by the Jesuits and Guaraní.

Of course, the same thing I say…

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Of course,Tupi with Cunhambebe and Mapuches with Lautaro or Calfucura…

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A Guarani-Jesuit civ would be the same or similar as putting Paraguay for example…

Making it specifically Guarani would be the best of both worlds. You’d have a South American native civ that makes waaaay more sense than Tupi and a mechanism to get a more complete unit roster through the influence of Jesuit elements. Revolting to Paraguay would complete the transformation from native civ to a native-Spanish hybrid civ.

The Guarani are an ethnographic and cultural branch of the Tupi (and it is even thought that of the Caribs as well)…then the history of the Guarani and the Jesuits, was that before the impossibility of entering Guarani territory by the fierceness of these, the Spanish allowed the Jesuits to enter and evangelize them and there is a cultural exchange; the Jesuits taught them Spanish language and Christianity and the Guarani taught them to make mate, a very popular drink in the area…

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Here in Brazil that’s called Chimarrão

By the way, what if a Brazil civ, instead of starting from the empire, started from the United Kingdom?

Then the independent empire of Brazil could be a revolt and the first republic could be a revolt exclusive to it (like how you gotta revolt into Yucatán as Mexico to get access to Maya), and that could also justify access to pre-independence revolution atrempts like Inconfidência Mineira/Minas Conspiracy.

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Of course, the chronology of aoe 3 starts in 1421 with the Chinese campaign, but yes… that would be the point…

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Most likely, it would be similar to the Maori (1500-1840) of Wars of Liberty…


  • The (unique Town Center) supports population, trains both Villagers and military units, and can be upgraded for food storage and enhanced fortifications
  • Can train units in batches of up to ten at the same time
  • Newly trained infantry have a speed bonus
  • Defeating enemies in combat temporarily boosts player’s units’ attack

The Māori’s unique Town Center, the fortified Pā

The Māori Home City


The Māori Explorer embarks on Voyages in order to advance to the next Age

The Māori get to choose a new Voyage destination for each Age

The Māori’s naval units: Dugout Canoe, Waka, and Waka Taua

The Māori can plant Kūmara Fields for Food and the Sandalwood Grove will spawn trees to harvest for Coin

Of course, although perhaps Paraguay would be a revolution rather than a civ in itself as in Wars of Liberty…

A lot of how we designed Maori in Wars of Liberty involved a lot of working around engine limitations. Were I to port them to the Definitive Edition I’d change many, many things.