Unable to add Units using Content Creator

Hi Modders,

Been making custom maps and battles since AOE1 back in the 90s but this one seems to have stumped me.
I managed to create a random map/terrain and successfully played it, but still struggling to do what my goal is:

Basically I want to make a tiny flat terrain with nothing but villagers on either side (me vs AI) for a skirmish, however when I scroll to sbps in the Object Browser section of the Content creator, I am only able to add monks:

Looking at the Content Creator (CC) demo on YT, I can see many other units been added by the lead dev, however they seem to be missing from my list

(scroll to 25:31 for what is missing in my CC)

Using ebps I can add villagers fine, however in game they do nothing and are just static and dont move, no matter how many commands I give, and no matter what team/side I assign them to using CC.

Any tips on how I can add more controllable units, not just vils?
Has my CC glitched out or am I missing something?

Thank you in advance,