Unable to build dock in the large map of nagari

After the last update, the most or all of the shore on the Naglee is deep water. Sometimes this makes it impossible to build a dock at all, and sometimes it is only possible to build one or two dock, which can lead to serious unfairness.

Hopefully this will be fixed in the next update, or ban nagari in quick match for now.

The video of the evidence is below.

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Thank you for the report @NortwstWolf! There should be a fix coming for this one.

Any chance you have a map seed+size+biome? It helps us check our work.

The Worst case: only one dock can be built. ----5f2dcbdf

Can’t build dock anywhere. ----30478af1, 2fb48da7

This bug has a very high probability of occurring.

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Thanks @NortwstWolf!