Unable to complete training mastery

The campaign has been completed and the art of war has been completed, but the first item in the training mastery still shows that it is not completed


Any news on this problem ?
New players retention is something this game needs.

I am acting like this is not a big problem for me, but I am not everyone.

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This problem has not been solved, which affects the achievement


Hi I also have this issue. I finished both Norman campaign and art of war challenges as well.

Is your problem on Steam or Xbox?

I’m at XGP pc

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Same here. Can’t get past the first Training Mastery Achievement. I decided to just not care about it. Steam here.

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Hey all; sorry you’re having issues with this. We’re investigating!

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Same on Steam


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Thanks for your attention. I hope it can be repaired as soon as possible

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Thank you all for the continued patience. Holidays derailed things a bit, ### we’re definitely looking deep into this!

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