Unable to connect to match - than Automatch cooldown time

I see there have been numerous reports about this issue and its not my first time either.

When I queue for a ranked game, doesn’t matter if its solo or team sometimes I get the error message “Unable to connect to match”, this happens 1-2 times in a row and then I get the cooldown. Im not dogging, because civ selection screen is not even loaded, I simply get the cooldown time directly from the queue. Normally I don’t experience any connection issues neither in other games or during work / work calls.

Current build version: 9.1.176

Hope this bug gets fixed soon because its simply very annoying and feels also unfair, to get banned for no reason.


I still have this bug after 6 months, just finished a game, pressed play again, then had the error message and got again a 15 min timeout… + it happend to me yesterday also and i even got a lose for it. Its really annoying. It does not happen to me in any other games pls fix this.