Unable to connect to match then timed out

I was searching for a ranked match when the search stopped and a message box appeared to say that I was unable to connect to match. When I tried searching again, I was told I abandoned the match early and was timed out for 15 minutes. What the hell? Can’t the servers recognize a legitimate failure to connect to a match? I am being penalized with a timeout for something I literally had no control over.

It happened again, this time the timeout period is 30 minutes! The search literally stopped to display the error message, and then when I searched again, I was already timed out. I never even entered a lobby yet somehow I “abandoned the game early!” This system is terrible!

This happens to me also very often. Although I don’t experience any other connection issues in any other games or during work calls etc.

and then 5 minutes ban time.

Version: 9.1.176