Unable to delete chinese scouts

I dont know for sure why this happens, but it has happened to me twice already. Both times in late castle age/imperial, once yesterday in 1v1 mp, once today in skirmish/single player.

Upgrades for my scouts: both games i had professional scouts researched, both games castle/imp, with chinese (i havent tested other civs)

Tried deleting other units, and it worked correctly shown here:

But when i try to delete my scouts this happens :

you can clearly see the scout with 0 hp, they do the animation as if they were killed and after the animation they regen their hp back.

They can be killed normally by the enemy, but i cant delete them.

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Pretty sure no scouts of any civ can currently be deleted.

I’ve noticed a few times I couldn’t delete my starting scout. Seems it’s a bug with scouts not being deletable!

Thanks, all! This is something on our radar. Appreciate the report, though!