Unable to launch game

Just looking for some insight as I’m having some issues launching the game. Purchased through Steam account.

Receiving this error: “intel hD graphics 3000 gpu with vendor id 32902 and device id 278 is not DirectX 11 compliant”.

Have looked up some various things, tried some different things. Does appear I’m running DirectX 11.

Anything I can do?


I have the same problem. Can someone help us?


es de los graficos no???

@screamingeagl44 @SunnyGrain292 @TheFlea5068 Intel HD 3000 graphics only supports up to DirectX 10.1. Age of Empires: Definitive Edition requires Intel HD 4000 graphics minimum which support DirectX 11. If you have a desktop PC you should be able to upgrade the graphics card to a model which supports DirectX 11. If you have a laptop there are very few upgrade paths other than purchasing a newer laptop or desktop PC.