Unable to multiqueue outpost upgrades

Select multiple towers and produce several upgrades for all of them. Multiqueue: as if you would select multiple barracks and produce multiple men at arms for example.
Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. No clue on whats the reason.

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I guess because emplacements count as “research”, not as “unit production”, you can only research at one building at a time, which makes sense for most types of researches.

That said, I can see how it would be helpful to put the same emplacement in multiple towers at once. I’m just not sure how the devs would implement it from a technical perspective. I feel like it would require an entirely new feature. It would be optimistic to expect that to occur.

The reason you are able to research multiple with a Wooden Fortress (Rus) is because a single Wooden Fortress is able to get all the emplacements, whereas a regular Tower is only allowed to get one. So in that use case you’re researching all the emplacements at a single Wooden Fortress. In your screenshot it shows two of the same researches being done at the same time but I’m going to assume you clicked on the separate Fortresses to make that happen; I just tried it myself and you can’t do it by selecting them all at once.

It works sometimes, and sometimes it does not, as I said in the post.

Ah ok, after further experimentation I see the issue and figured out exact steps to reproduce.

For any devs that might see this, the issue occurs for any building which contains techs which need to be researched individually at each building, such as an emplacement at a Tower/Wooden Fortress/Keep, or the Fortify Outpost research in Towers. If you select two or more of the same building, the first time you click on a tech it will begin researching at one of the buildings; subsequent techs can be researched at all of the buildings.

Example steps to reproduce:

  1. Construct two Wooden Fortresses
  2. Select them both
  3. Click on one of the emplacement researches. It will begin researching at one of the Wooden Fortresses (not sure how the game decides which one, but I guess the game picks one to be the “primary” or whatever). The research will black-out so it can’t be selected again.
  4. Click on another emplacement research. It won’t black out. It can be clicked again so that both buildings are researching it.

Expected behaviour: Either you can always research the techs at all of the buildings selected, or you can always only research them at the “primary” building.
Actual behaviour: The first tech you select can only be researched at one of the two buildings. All subsequent techs you select can be researched at both buildings.

And just to reiterate, this would seem to apply to any applicable building. Off the top of my head I can think of Towers, Keeps, and Wooden Fortresses, but there might be others too.

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You deserve at least a coffee! good job.