Unable to produce units after loading saved skirmish match - TEMP FIX

Like mentioned in other posts, there is a serious bug that hinders unit production after loading a skirmish match.

Temp fix for this issue:
Big Thanks to user Avalox6213 who suggested a workaround which will fix this issue until you reload the save file. Delete and rebuild military buildings.


I see this bug is still alive - and is ruining the skirmish game for me. I read somewhere that it was related to
the Military Academy. Is this correct ?

Or if I ensure all of my units build orders are complete before saving I wonder if that will make a difference.

In a game where I maybe have 20 military buildings, its too painful to destroy and re-build all of them.

I really hope this is fixed in the next update.

Same here, have reported the bug and they finally asked for log files, but that has been several months. Same bug, makes the game unplayable if you have to save it.

This bug was reported in July and still no patch/update? It’s a serious flaw. I’m unable to build any units even after a few reloads.