Unable to see replays

when trying to watch a match replay it ends way before the end ot the match itself.
some replays end after a couple of min, others after 10-20 minutes.
every replay ends always after the same amount of minutes.

does anyone encountered this bug so far?


Same here. I don’t know if this bug started with the latest patch or it was like this all the time.

Having same issue. Replay only lasts about 15 minutes before it ends. Has anybody found a fix for this?

Same here. Played a multiplayer game finally. Was great experience, wanted to watch the replay. After I killed one of my 3 opponents and he resigned, a minute later the replayed stopped. Also the replay has very, very inconsistent speed. At some points it’s normal, but some parts are sped up. Game was played on normal speed, 4 players, FFA. Latest patch of course.

after the december big patch the replay started working, to me at least